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Sanitize with air humidification

Aerosol disinfection with your air humidification


Aerosol disinfection of ambient air, is possible with your merlin® air humidification system!

Using aerosols combined with a disinfectant, is an effective way of disinfecting an entire room in a homogeneous manner. In addition to the traditional wipe-down disinfection approach, it aims to also ensure that ambient air and surfaces are as sterile as possible. With aerosol disinfection, even hidden areas and spots that are normally difficult to reach, can be disinfected.

You have the option of disinfecting rooms with the merlin® direct room humidifier. The required technology can easily be retrofitted into your existing system. It will consist of a dosing pump and associated components which are integrated into your humidification system. Precise and uniform dosing operations is guaranteed by the merlin® dosing unit.

To purchase liquid disinfectants, please contact a manufacturer directly. Please note that the disinfectant to be considered, must be approved for such use by the local authorities. For the dosage of the disinfectants, please consult with the manufacturer. To avoid showing any preference to a manufacturer, we do not wish to recommend a specific disinfectant product.

Aerosol disinfection is a helpful and substantial addition to conventional forms of application. It is not intended to replace cleaning procedures or traditional wipe-down disinfection.

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