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Digital Transformation at merlin®

Nowadays, digital innovations in companies are indispensable for working more efficiently and agilely and for improving customer experiences. In this context, two projects at merlin® are particularly noteworthy.

At the end of 2020, the go-ahead was given for the "ERP" project – software that connects all areas of the company with the aim of optimizing processes and structures. Around 1.5 years passed from the intensive preparation period to the go-live. In summary, we can look back on a very successful project, which will not only have a lasting positive impact on the company's success, but will also secure future growth.
A second digital tool introduced at merlin® is the "Presono" presentation software. Presono enables a completely new and intuitive way of presenting. The tool enables interactive presenting – meaning, for example, that content can be added on-demand and then the presentation can also be shared. The go-live was successfully celebrated at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt.
Both the new ERP system and the innovative presentation software enable an even more targeted focus on customer needs and are therefore another important step for the future.

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