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Meat production and consumption

The global production and consumption of meat have increased drastically in recent decades. Recently, however, a change in the way of thinking has become apparent and meat consumption is the subject of critical discussion in society, media and science. Also, campaigns such as the "Veganuary" are intended to encourage people to go without meat and other animal products for a whole month. Did you know that …

... the five largest meat and milk companies produce just as large an amount of climate-wrecking gases as exxon, the world's largest oil multinational?

... more than half of the agricultural emissions in Austria originate from livestock husbandry?

... our habits, role models and advertising as well as social traditions motivate us to eat meat?

... the meat industry justifies the conventional, intensive pig husbandry in Austria with mass production and pricing pressure?

... young people are twice as likely to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet as the population on average?

... the meat substitutes market is growing rapidly?

... no country in the world has a strategy to reduce meat consumption, despite the global impacts?

... the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry is leading to more and more resistant germs?

... the leading foodstuff producing countries are among the largest users of pesticides that are harmful to groundwater and biodiversity?


Through the conscious reduction of meat consumption we have the opportunity to increase the value of meat again and to decimate the ecological, social and ethical problems.


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