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Paper shortage

The demand for paper has been in decline for years, but since recently the resource has been more in demand than ever before. However, it is in short supply and the existing demand cannot be covered. What is the reason for this problem and what consequences can the consumer expect? Did you know that …

… prices have increased by over 70 % since the beginning of the year?

… 1.5 million tonnes of recovered paper are collected every year in Austria (recycling rate about 78 %)?

… 2.6 million tonnes of recovered paper are used for paper production in Austria and a large part of this therefore has to be imported?

… the demand for cardboard transport packaging has increased sharply, especially due to online shopping?

… cellulose, which is a major component of paper alongside wood, is also in short supply due to the stagnating maritime trade?

… the market for graphic paper (newspapers, posters, stickers) and recovered paper is particularly affected?

… paper manufacturers are raising their prices and this increase will also be felt by customers?

… the paper quality is suffering due to the high pressure of meeting demands?

… there is a risk of a paper shortage in 2022?

… valuable paper resources can be saved by the right humidity of 40 – 60 %?


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