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Stop talking, start acting

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been on the rise for years and is experiencing an enormous boom right now. Software such as ChatGPT is particularly popular right now and shows what possibilities artificial intelligence offers. Nevertheless, it's important to look at this technology from all sides as well. Did you know that ...

... AI is essentially the ability of a machine to mimic human abilities such as reasoning, learning, planning and creativity?

... some AI technologies have been around for over 50 years, but breakthroughs have only been made in recent years due to advances in computing power, availability of big data and new algorithms?

... the estimated increase in labor productivity associated with AI is 11 – 37 %?

... AI can help improve processes (e.g., optimize distribution channels, maintenance operations, etc.)?

... with the help of AI, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by 1.5 – 4 % by 2030?

... AI should also be used in healthcare for diagnostics and therapy suggestions?

... 14 % of jobs are highly automated and another 32 % could experience significant change?

... depending on the design and data basis, AI can lead to bias in results?

... the distinction between an interaction with a human or AI is becoming increasingly difficult or in some cases no longer possible?

... although AI is an essential driver for digital transformation, only few companies are prepared for its use?


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