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Stop talking, start acting

Digital emissions

We live in an era of digitalization, which undoubtedly enriches our lives. However, the ecological impact of the digital world should also be considered. In this edition of "Stop talking, start acting" we take a look at digital emissions to get a better understanding of the environmental impact of digitalization. Did you know that ...

... the use of WLAN requires 4 times less electricity than the use of mobile communications?

... the power consumption of the global Bitcoin network in 2022 is comparable to the annual power consumption of all of Argentina?

... TV, video and streaming services are responsible for almost 66 % of the total volume of the Internet?

... in Germany, at least 1.6 million tons of CO2 would be saved per year and commuting would be reduced by around 10.9 billion passenger kilometers if employees worked from home one day a week - thanks to digital technologies and applications.

... the use of video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams has contributed to a significant reduction in business travel, thus saving emissions?

... digital emissions result from the production, use and data transmission of digital devices?

... through a series of measures, each and every individual can reduce digital emissions? (Reduce streaming, use devices longer, reduce data storage, store data locally, ...).

... there are already tools that track the annual CO2 emissions from data usage by companies?

... global Internet and cloud computing consumes around 730 billion kilowatt hours annually, or 150 % of Germany's total electricity consumption?

... for a single search query on Google, an average PC requires as much electricity as lighting a room for half an hour with a 40-watt energy-saving lamp?




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