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Stop talking, start acting

Upcycling is an increasing trend that above all makes a positive contribution to the careful handling of resources. It involves the modification of an object that is no longer usable for its actual purpose in such a way that an added value is created. Did you know that …

… new objects can be created from old objects, often with a different purpose of use?

… upcycling saves resources?

… less waste is produced as a result?

… energy consumption as well as air and water pollution can also be reduced?

… upcycling leads to individual products?

… the most diverse materials can be used (e.g. textiles, plastic, wood, etc.)?

… not everything that is upcycled can be recycled well later on (e.g. a painted glass is unsuitable for the waste glass container) and that the actual saving of resources should therefore also be considered when upcycling?

… there are a growing number of companies that are actively dedicated to upcycling (e.g. Refurbed)?

… there are a great many upcycling possibilities in the private sector, too?

… merlin® also strongly supports upcycling projects (e.g. bags made of old exhibition walls) (https://www.texfactory.at/renew-bag-recycelte-taschen/)?


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