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Adiabatic cooling, also called evaporation cooling, is the most efficient cooling solution for offices, halls, guest gardens and other outdoor areas. Rely on intelligent cooling with merlin®!



Workplace cooling can also be implemented for large halls with little use of energy. The same applies to the cooling of defined outdoor areas. The secret of the low energy expenditure and CO2 footprint is, on the one hand, a technically highly efficient system with ultra-fine MICRO DROP nebulisation and, on the other, the spot cooling of spatially clearly defined areas.
Efficient due to spot cooling!



merlin® guarantees the best possible solution through individual concepts with proven systems for workplace cooling and outdoor cooling. Office workplace, production hall, guest garden: room situation, workplace distribution, dust generation, hall height and numerous other factors are taken into account.
Effective cooling through individuality!



Adiabatic cooling systems from merlin® offer data collection, control by browser and interfaces to the building management system. Extensive monitoring functions and interfaces in standard Industry 4.0 as well as PLC control are simple to implement. One central unit cools halls in a radius of up to 400 m.
Extensive monitoring with simple operation!



Evaporation cooling has an extraordinarily pleasant effect on the room climate. It is a constant and even cooling effect. As side effects, a light humidifying effect and the binding of dust improve the air quality.
A feel-good room climate!



Workplace cooling by adiabatic cooling systems can be implemented everywhere. Spot cooling enables cooling in large halls where classic air conditioning systems would not be possible or too expensive. Office workplaces and indoor areas can also be cooled efficiently in this way. Adiabatic workplace cooling increases the performance and well-being of employees, a valuable contribution to the long-term satisfaction of qualified professionals.

  • Spot cooling without air conditioning system
  • Zone cooling by 5 - 7 °C
  • Ecological due to low energy expenditure
  • Simple to integrate in any hall
  • Improved air quality for employees

"As it is always very hot in the halls during summer and climatization is inconvenient, we went for an adiabatic cooling. In addition, it also allows usto counteract the dry heating air during winter."

Manuel Mayrhofer, production technology / industrial engineering at Internorm



merlin® offers customized adiabatic cooling systems for guest gardens, pool areas, outdoor stages, shopping streets and other outdoor areas. Evaporative cooling provides an extremely pleasant experience for visitors and allows for longer outdoor residence times.

  • Cooling with a pleasant intensity
  • Low energy consumption due to spot cooling
  • High cooling performance when outdoor temperatures are high
  • Creation of a visual and architectural highlight

"The merlin® humidification system shows a positive perception among customers and passersby in the square, especially children."

Johann Mayr, Team Leader Real Estate Management at Tiroler Sparkassen Bank AG




The consultants from the merlin® SalesForce are experts in the conception of tailor-made cooling systems for every situation. Get an overview of the possibilities for your rooms or outdoor areas with a no-obligation consultation.


Your personal consultant will get an impression of the on-site situation and discuss with you the parameters for the adiabatic cooling system to suit your requirements. An individual cooling concept is created in close cooperation with the customer.


At merlin®, high-end cooling systems go hand-in-hand with a high-end project development. The highly qualified employees from the merlin® TechForce guarantee a smooth process and an optimum result. Existing infrastructure can be used.



Adiabatic cooling achieves a cooling effect through the evaporation of ultra-fine water droplets (MICRO DROP). The energy required for this is taken from the ambient air in the form of heat. You are familiar with this effect from daily life: when water evaporates on the skin, this is perceived as being cool. This removal of heat lowers the air temperature by several degrees Celsius.

The energy consumption of these cooling systems is much lower than with air conditioning systems. There are two main reasons for this:

  • The required (thermal) energy is simply taken from the air.
  • merlin® conceives systems for the spot cooling of individual spots.

Adiabatic cooling is ecologically compatible and saves costs. Those who want trendsetting cooling use systems from merlin®.

How does adiabatic cooling work?

Using a hydraulic pump, adiabatic cooling systems transport water to modules that nebulise it into ultra-fine water droplets. These micro-droplets evaporate in the air. The evaporation process requires energy, which is taken from the air in the form of heat. The continuous withdrawal of thermal energy causes the ambient air to cool by several degrees Celsius.

What are the advantages of adiabatic cooling?

The great advantages of adiabatic cooling systems are above all their low energy expenditure and high efficiency. Evaporation cooling uses considerably less energy than conventional air conditioning systems. In addition, spot application at individual workplaces or in other “hot spots” ensures high efficiency, even with high room heights and in outdoor areas. Further advantages of adiabatic cooling are:

  • High operational reliability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low installation costs
  • Constant, pleasant cooling effect
  • Binding of dust
What is direct and indirect adiabatic cooling?

In the course of direct adiabatic cooling, water is directly nebulised in the room air, where it evaporates and thus generates a cooling effect.
Indirect adiabatic cooling works with evaporation in the supply or exhaust air of a room.

Can adiabatic cooling be retrofitted?

Adiabatic cooling systems are simple to retrofit for the relief of existing air conditioning systems or as the sole cooling solution. Since existing cable trays can be used for the installation and no additional conduits or structural measures are necessary, the retrofitting of these cooling systems requires little effort. The modular structure of the adiabatic cooling solutions from merlin® allows simple expansion at a later time.

Can adiabatic cooling also be implemented in large halls?

The spot application of adiabatic cooling systems from merlin® at specifically defined workplaces or other relevant spots makes this concept ideal for hall cooling. The system is also ideal for production halls, indoor parks and other buildings whose cooling would be too cost-intensive with conventional air conditioning technology due to their size.