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Dust binding & odour reduction
through humidification

Dust an insoluble problem?

Clean air and a pleasant working environment is possible everywhere – even in inherently highly polluted working environments like in sorting plants in the construction or recycling industry. Dust loads are also a well-known problem when silos and bunkers are filled by conveyor belts, wheel loaders and trucks, as well at crushers, screens and conveyor belt transfers. Dust produced by the constant movement, transfer, decanting and crushing of materials is swirled into the air and can contaminate the entire environment. The consequence is intensive cleaning and maintenance work as well as the detrimental effects on the health of mployees, particularly susceptibility to respiratory diseases.

Effective dust reduction
due to merlin® humidification

The merlin® ENVIRO system for dust and odour reduction can provide targeted and massive relief here and reduce the dust content in the air by up to 80 %. A specially tailored combination of humidification solutions is used which can be completely controlled via an ALPHA high-pressure system:

Dust and odour particles are bound immediately as they form by the fine water mist of a manually controllable contact humidification system and fall quickly fall to the ground. A sensor-controlled general air humidification circuit also controls the optimum room air humidity and helps to reduce the remaining dust quickly –

and, incidentally, to create an optimum climate for people, materials and the environment.

Energy-saving, high performance, low maintenance

The ALPHA air humidification system can be extended by modular components, is versatile and impresses by highest technical functionality and user-friendliness.

Hygiene is a top priority: the entire system meets the highest safety requirements¹ and ensures reduced dust pollution.

  • Maintaining clean air – compliance with environmental regulations
  • Up to 80 % dust reduction
  • Binding odour particles & odour neutralisation
  • Reduction in static electricity by up to 50 %
  • Reduction in the risk of fire & explosion
  • Frost protection fuse
  • Improved & constant raw material quality – better further processing
  • Low investment costs – rapid amortisation

merlin® air humidification is very efficient for dust control, easy to install and maintain, the operating and investment costs are comparatively low and the space requirement is very small. The system can also be easily expanded.

Dr. Alexander Khoury, Head of Test Center at Steinert GmbH.

Plant overview using an example of
mixed fraction processing

Manually controlled contact humidification

Humidifier modules installed at the transfer points effectively bind dust and odour particles directly at the place of origin, as well as pathogens. Due to the contact humidification, the particles quickly become heavy enough to sink to the ground, before they can take up a larger volume.

The performance can be manually controlled and adjusted to the throughput. The AER series humidifier modules are sturdy, low-maintenance, and are available in different versions, depending on the installation requirements.

AER 5 pipe

For surfaces


Performance Nozzle

For small places

Sensor-controlled general air humidification

A general direct room air humidification helps to reduce the remaining airborne particles in the ambient air, and generally improves the indoor

climate. Sensors continuously measure the output values, switching on the automatic air humidification when required. The entire AER range of

humidifier modules are available for optimal space utilisation.


For large, high rooms


  • At relative humidity below 40 %, pathogens are preserved and survive longer
  • Dust particles & pathogens stay airborne and float long & far throughout the room
  • Dry mucous membranes offer little protection, dust particles & pathogens get into the lungs


  • Pathogens have the shortest life span at a relative humidity of 40 – 60 %
  • Dust particles & Krankheitserreger bind to water particles, making them fall to the ground as they become heavier
  • Moistened mucous membranes provide natural protection, trapping dust particles & pathogens