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Durmin Entsorgung & Merlin®

The recycling company Durmin Entsorgung und Logistik GmbH from Nuremberg excels at energy-efficient production of valuable secondary raw materials from construction, commercial, and industrial waste. Durmin's mission is to operate sustainable and efficient recycling at the highest level. Awareness of waste avoidance is growing in our society, but the “mountain of waste” continues to grow. To ensure that the fine dust released during the recycling process does not become a further burden on people and the environment, Durmin relies on ENVIRO's proven merlin® ALPHA high-pressure atomization for dust control in storage, sorting halls, and at belt transfers and loading areas.

Durmin utilizes the merlin® ENVIRO dust binding in the storage hall to separate the waste wood chips from the energy recovery material, as well as in the processing plant for waste incineration slag.

“The system was necessary for dust binding, while water and energy conservation were a prerequisite. The previous system consumed too much water and the processed material was unevenly saturated, resulting in water collection on the floor. Above all, it was important to us that the processed materials absorb the minimum moisture necessary, as every tonne of water in the output costs money,” says Dr. Alexander Döring, Managing Director of Durmin Entsorgung und Logistik GmbH.

Frost resistance, sustainability and a clean working environment always score points

Another positive for Durmin was the frost resistance of the merlin® ENVIRO dust binding system, as the company's halls and covered areas are not heated.

There has been an increase in waste incineration slag as home office work since 2022 have become more prevalent. The gains in efficiency and sustainability by incorporating the merlin® ENVIRO dust binding system have helped Durmin secure contracts from additional cities and municipalities.

The use of merlin® ENVIRO to bind dust has proven to be an efficient and sustainable solution for Durmin Entsorgung und Logistik GmbH. “We are proud to make our contribution of reducing particulate emissions and creating a clean working environment for our employees,” emphasizes Dr. Alexander Döring, Managing Director.

Fine dust pollution for nature and humans

Fine dust produced in the recycling industry gets released into the air and spreads which can contaminate surfaces and enter the lungs of employees and people in the area.  Proper dust emission control is essential in the recycling industry. Dust is a burden on nature and people. To protect the environment, nature and people, dust control has become a must.

More information about merlin® ENVIRO dust reduction is available on our website.

Dr. Alexander Döring, Managing Director, Durmin Entsorgung und Logistik GmbH
Durmin Entsorgung und Logistik GmbH

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