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Estermann & Merlin®

Paper is a sensitive product and requires constant humidity in the room for its qualitative processing in print shops. In order to achieve this effect also during the heating period, experts recommend installing an humidification system.

What matters
The problem has long been known in print shops. If the air is too dry, it can lead to electrostatic charging and curling of the paper. If the air is too humid, the paper curls. "High-quality processing requires constant humidity. Without this, it will not work at this level," confirmed Norbert Estermann. The owner of the printing company of the same name in Upper Austria knows from experience what matters.  A high-pressure humidification system from Merlin Technology, which has been retrofitted several times over the past 15 years, has ensured a consistently good climate in his production facilities.

Good for paper
The investment in a modern humidification system pays for itself quickly and has a positive effect on productivity. "We have continuously upgraded the Merlin system and achieve a constant humidity of 50 percent in production. This is simply good for the paper," confirmed Estermann. Not only is adequate humidity good for the material, but also for the staff. Merlin Technology Managing Director, Johannes Part, knows the feedback from the print shops: "It gives people a sense of well-being to breathe deeply and helps reduce the number of sick days," he said.

Companies wise up
For more than 20 years, Merlin has been at home in the world of humidification. With an export share of more than 80 %, the innovative pace setter supplies its flexible systems for almost every budget as far away as South Korea and Australia. Why the indicators point to a clear upward trend was explained by Part as follows: Print shops have recognised that humidification is a key success factor and has a positive impact on productivity. Word gets around and arouses the interest of other companies".

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