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HTL Linz & Merlin®

Optimum climate for man, materials & the environment now also at the HTL Bau und Design in Linz. Constant humidity of 40 to 60 % can be achieved with VISCORE direct room humidification from Merlin Technology. This ensures consistent wood quality and also provides a comfortable climate for professors and students.

Furniture production is one of the focal points of teaching at the HTL Bau und Design in Linz. In the past, low humidity in wintertime regularly led to decreasing wood quality. “Problems arose in the machinery and final production hall due to the above-average drying of the wood,” says Martin Wolfesberger BEd, deputy yard manager in the carpentry and joinery department. “Due to the technical expertise and support of company boss Johann Reisinger during implementation, the decision was made in favour of Merlin Technology,” explains Wolfesberger.

Finally a good indoor climate at the HTL
The positive effects of the new air humidification system became quickly apparent at the HTL. “We have witnessed a significant reduction in dust. The furniture retains its shape and the professors suffer less throat irritation after a day of teaching. They are enjoying the new room climate,” confirms Wolfesberger, who also sees advantages for the students. “This type of system is simply essential, if the young people are to undertake modern production.” In addition to the system’s reliability, the deputy yard manager is also enthusiastic about merlin® Service. “Merlin Technology has a very competent team that is available right away and provides constant support whenever needed,” says Wolfesberger.

We spray water in the air, to save water.

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