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Scheuch & Merlin®

What do Belvedere Castle, the Vienna World Museum, Vordere Zollamtsstraße 13 and the technology leader Scheuch Ligno have in common? An excellent indoor climate thanks to humidification!

Protection for exhibits
Constant humidity in the room is good for people, machines and materials. The patented ORBIT WING® high-pressure duct humidification from Merlin Technology makes it possible at any time of year. The world-famous Bselvedere Castle has already seized the opportunity and installed the technology from Upper Austria. Since the beginning of the year, the ORBIT WING® system has been providing a top-quality indoor climate for the benefit of visitors and to protect valuable exhibits.

From 20 to 40 percent
The journalists and marketing specialists at Vorderen Zollamtsstraße 13 in Vienna are also allowed to inhale healthy air while doing their job. It wasn't always like that. "The humidity in the offices had dropped to a dramatic 20 percent in winter. With our humidification systems, we now achieve a constant 40 percent at 22 °C,” said engineer Franz Schrems, Technical Manager at Merlin Technology, stressing the necessity for the investment. Not least for this reason, Scheuch Ligno – the renowned Innviertel-based company – has jumped on the bandwagon. "As with every system, we have adapted the ORBIT WING® system exactly to the requirements on site. The modular design provides us with the necessary leeway for this," explained Schrems.
With shorter evaporation distance requirements and an evaporation efficiency of around 98 %, ORBIT WING® high-pressure duct humidification saves space, costs and up to 90 % of electrical energy compared with conventional technologies.

24 units for the World Museum
In autumn 2017, the World Museum Vienna will be reopened in a healthy atmosphere. No less than 24 humidification units from Merlin Technology will contribute to this. Some of the rooms and windows are draughty and listed as historic monuments and represented an additional challenge. "We compensate for the loss of humidity with decentralised rotary lamella humidifiers," said Schrems who again knows the solution.

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