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Internorm & Merlin®

An interview with Manuel Mayrhofer, who is responsible for manufacturing technology / industrial engineering at Internorm.

Which humidification system has been installed at Internorm?

ALPHA direct room humidification with water treatment and zeroX disinfection unit

Where do you humidify?

Basically in all production areas. Explicitly wherever there are workplaces with several employees.

Why did it become necessary to invest in an air humidification system?

Since it is always very hot in the halls in summer and air conditioning is not practicable, we opted for adiabatic cooling. In addition, this has the advantage that we can counteract the dry heating air in winter.

What effects have you noticed since putting the air humidification system into operation?

A significant reduction in the hall temperature in the cooling areas and a pleasant climate in the heating season.

Why would you recommend merlin® to others?

The system is ideal for retrofitting in existing halls and the entire project planning and implementation went without a hitch.

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